Friday, November 2, 2012

He broke Google Reader!

This guy wants to follow more blogs/feeds than his computer can handle! A couple of thousand he wants to read, and apparently does. I am astounded.

I think I read quite more than most people. I know that my home has more books than almost any other home I've been in. And these days blogs/sites/feeds is a lot of that too. But when I got up to a few dozen feeds in Google Reader (read via other apps on my iPad), I found I never got around to most of them.

Now I use FeedMyInbox to make sure I don't miss my favorites. And that's about a dozen I guess.

And I don't even work as many hours as most people. So I can't really figure how anybody can follow more than a couple dozen feeds, and still have time to work, socialize, relax, see some movies, and read more important stuff like books.
(I consider books "more important" because books (fiction and nonfiction) are often reflective of the world, trying to expand perspective and knowledge, while very few blogs are, they mostly just consists of news bits of temporal character, and opinions.)

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craniac said...

Google Reader says I have 700 subscriptions. How do I cope and read all that? Easy, I don't.

I treat these feeds as a data stream much like Twitter, not caring if I have read everything or not. I have them sorted into folders, some of which I want to read more carefully than others.

My primary reading mode is List Mode (hotkey 2) where I see just one line from each post's heading. If it sounds like something I want to read I click it to expand and read the article; others I just ignore. When I've parsed the list I'm looking at I mark all as read and move on.

The exception to this is for photoblogs where I use Expanded Mode (hotkey 1) and can quickly page through a post at a time using the J and K keys. I also toggle Reader's full screen mode (hotkey F) so whole images are visible without cropping. If images are large and still cropped I will use the browser's full screen mode so I can see even more of them.