Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kindle Fire HD screensavers

[Note: I tend to mix things together in one post, so maybe this has not become clear enough: I am glad I made the extra investment in the Kindle Fire HD. The text-to-speech voice is really good, and it makes for the best machine-voice reading experiences I have had yet.]

I like the Kindle Fire HD's screensavers. All are details of culture and media, and all are pleasant and artful.
There's only about a dozen though, if it were me I'd have put in over 50. It's not hard for a good photographer to make such pictures, and it's a good thing if the customer does not get tired of the same pics. Many people got very tired of the drawings of old authors on the early Kindles.
They also ought to make it easy to put in your own pictures, I haven't yet seen a setting for this.

Love the books, but of course the cameras are my favorite! 

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TC [Girl] said...

Got your new toy, already, huh? Cool! I like the pics on the regular Fire screensaver. I agree that it would be nice to be able to throw a few of your own in there, as well. Am looking forward to hearing more about this Fire, Eo. :-) I'm, now, wondering about the mini iPad vs. the new Fire so...