Monday, September 13, 2010

Comments on the main page?

Oddly, and unlike my main blog, comments on this blog appear even on the main page, not just on the separate page for that post. I have looked through the settings, but I didn't find a way to change this, does anybody know?
Update: found it. It's the "Comment Form Placement" setting, under Settings/Comments. Not very clear what that one does, but it seems if one selects Full Page, it moves both the comments form *and* comments to the separate page for that post. (I found it by comparing settings to those of my main blog.)

By the way, to new readers: my main blog has many posts about ereading and devices/accessories dated before 13 Sep 2010.


ganesha games said...

the follow form seem to have am error, if I try to follow this blog with google, google tells me the address line is too long.
No big deal, I go here manually...

eolake said...