Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was just reminded of a post from my main blog about possible future super-readers for art books and more.
I do find it interesting that even highly intelligent people who have been thinking a lot about technology and ebooks, dismiss offhand the idea of art books on e-readers. Today's readers, sure, but hey, last year we didn't even have the iPad, things change fast. I think we'll have a 700 grams (1.5 pounds) 15-inch reader tablet within a couple of years, with high res display, which will show art ebooks amazingly well, better than paper.
(To be fair to Adam and Andy, I dismissed it as well, until I began thinking about that issue specifically for a little bit.)


ganesha games said...

I agree. I already would buy high rez art books formatted to fill my huge (and now vertical, thanks to Pivot software) screen. But a large format reader would be a bliss for comics as well, allowing to display two page spreads and splash pages with better results. I do not think portability would be a big issue. this is something you leave at home, the current ipad is good enough on the move.
Plus of course if such big screen are touch and pressure sensitive-- they would be the perfect painting tool for digital artists and illustrators.

eolake said...

Yes, all good points.

In fact, the current iPad is not really even big enough to show one page of a regular comic really well. It should be like 50% larger to do that, in my view. Or maybe 25% larger and have a higher pixel-pitch.