Monday, September 13, 2010

Mighty Bright double light

I now got the two-lamp version of the Mighty Bright portable lights. And it's everything I said about the normal version plus very impressive light output. It works well for the Amazon Kindle Dx, for which the normal version is a bit on the weak side due to the size and the grey background. 
Oh, and the "bulbs" are in the same small head, it's equally compact. And you can select to use just one of them if desired.

Hah, here's how light-weight they are: I bought two at once and had unpacked one, and later I almost threw the other one out with the packaging, I couldn't feel it was in there! 


Chance of Gaming Podcast said...

Does it hurt your eyes to read an e-reader with this at night? Does it work ok with that new LCD/ink display?

eolake said...

No, with a Kindle, it's very easy on the eyes. Maybe more than white paper actually.
(I think the ideal tone would be in the middle between white and the grey of the Kindle 3.)

I'm not sure if it might strain your eyes if you do this in a totally dark room.

I'm not sure which display you ask about. It's no good for an LCD display like the iPad, but it's great for E-ink displays (without backlight) like the Kindle's.