Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPad niggles

I think iPad is spectacularly successfully turned out for a 1.0 device. Seriously, the first generation of anything is never this good.

But of course being human we find our small niggles. For example, why can't we assign different wallpapers to the different home screen? I can't imagine it should be hard to do, and it would be fun, and it would help you to instantly know on which screen you are.

I had hoped for this to arrive in iOS 4.0, but no luck. Also I'd hoped for the device to read aloud to me from any app without the clumsy VoiceOver to be turned on, but this has not been mentioned for 4.0 (which I think comes in November for iPad, it is already on the iPhone).
An app called Speak It can read to you, but you have to copy/paste text from another app, and selecting text is one of those things which are pretty clumsy on a touch screen, unfortunately (at least for now).

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Bruce said...

My niggles are with the placement of the Off button and the headphone jack:

The Off button should be on the same side as the volume button, but at the other end. Having the off button and the quit button on opposite sides of the pad is confuting. Physical buttons on 1 long and 1 short side only please!

The headphone jack should be in the middle of the side it is currently on. That way I could grip the tablet on either side of the headphone cord. This is especially important when using the iPad in landscape mode.