Sunday, September 12, 2010

Many devices now

There are many e-reader devices already, although according to reviews, most of them are not all that good. Generally they are slow and have fuzzy interfaces.

Interesting ones coming up are Cruz Reader and Cruz Tablet from Velocity Micro (Thanks to TCGirl). Unfortunately, while they are both cheaper than an iPad, they are barely lighter, despite having only a 7-inch screen compared to iPad's almost ten. This means that we are still missing a light-weight reader with a rockin' screen. (I can live with Kindle3's screen, but I don't love it.)

Hey, how do you like the book background? I cobbled it together from photos and manipulated the colors and contrasts etc. I'm quite proud of it. :-)


terdia said...

Good luck with the new endeavor. I will return to check your recommendations for software for the iPad.

eolake said...

Thank you.

Some current faves:
Air Video
My Writing Nook
Retro Light
Night Stand

Timo said...

Congratul on your new blog! May many an e-reader and their e-accessory, as the case may be, get their thorough and proper blogged treatment in this e-forum of all e-fora, this e-haven for all e-authors.

eolake said...

Thank you kindly.

I hope I get and keep some readers!

I was fiddling with the colors and the background photo yesterday, I rather like it now.

Jeff Hudson said...

What reader do you recommend?

Currently, I have an iPhone and was thinking of getting some kind of reader to use at home, work and the coffee shop.

I just want to read blogs, RSS feeds and books.

Thanks in advance.

eolake said...

Jeff, I have just expanded today's post about Kindle vs iPad. I hope it helps you, but feel free to ask about anything not covered.