Friday, September 17, 2010

Sizes I want

I have been reading about the fascinating BookBook case on my iPad, and then I went to do the same on my Mac Pro with the big screen, and I was struck with how much better that was, in terms of really getting a good impression from the photos of what it is like.

Therefore, I've decided that we need three variants of iPads:

1) a small iPad, 5 or 6-inch screen, for pocket use.

2) a travel iPad, 10-inch screen like the one we have now, but lighter.

3) A super-iPad, maybe a 15-inch or 17-inch screen, for home use and really powerful web surfing and graphics-rich reading. 

Ideally they should all have Apple's high-resolution Retina Display.

So far as I've been informed, iPad apps should scale to other resolutions,  unlike iPhone apps they are not bound to one size. I only heard this from one developer, but they sounded quite certain.


ganesha games said...

Hmm even if the app scales up, some graphics will not. For example most comics look slightly pixillated if seen in frame by frame or enlarged much. They are keeping the images the minimum size to keep file sizes small.

I'ts good that I made my PDFs bigger just in case Apple listens to you :-)

eolake said...

Yeah, I did the same with the second Domai comic book. The first one I had made in exactly XGA (768x1024 pixels, like the iPad screen).