Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ambling, an audio player

I've been writing before about one of my gripes of audiobook-players, in my case meaning iPods: they are hard to get to skip just a little bit back if you miss a few words. So I have impulsively bought Ambling AudioPlayer Pro, which has a one minute skip back or forth, and a 15-second ditto. Wonderful.
There's a free version which has most of the features.

Update: maybe I was a bit hasty: so far the interface seems to be a nightmare. You can't just import a list of books from the iPod app, you have to import one book at a time, nay, one *part* of a book at a time, through an opague steps of six or seven parts, and it took me five tries to even find out where in the procedure the adding actually took part so the book was saved! What a pity. (Also it doesn't have an iPad native interface.) 
... And now it simply does not react to the play button! This may be the worst iOS interface I've tried. I even paid ten bucks for this, damn my trusting and impulsive nature!      :-)

[Earlier bit about the classic iPods with buttons]: I like the physical buttons, for eye-free operations.
By the way, repeating a trick from a reader: holding down the left- or right- arrows (parts of the ring) on an iPod Classic or Nano will scroll in the song/book. Just be careful not to slip, so it sends you back a whole chapter!
For longer navigation, press the button in the middle til it shows a pointer on the time line, then circle until the counter is right.

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TC [Girl] said...

I know. It's a "bugger" when I want to just go back a little bit, on an audiobook that I'm listening to, and can't just "scroll" back a coupla minutes. I have to "jump" to wherever the Nano decides that I should start from! Annoying! (I'm not fond of having to hear a whole bunch of what I have already heard, once.)