Monday, July 18, 2011

Tablet Strives to Plug Into Laptops' Port Abilities

Tablet Strives to Plug Into Laptops' Port Abilities, article and video.
Unlike other well-known tablets on the market, the new Toshiba Thrive, a 10-inch Android model available this month, sports a full-sized USB port that works with a wide variety of devices and files; a removable battery; and a file manager application like those on PCs. It also includes a full-sized SD slot for flash memory cards and a full-sized connector, called an HDMI port, that can use a standard cable for linking to a high-definition TV.

Timely article, since reader TCGirl just asked us why those durn tablets don't have simple USB ports. I have no good answers, except to guess the main reason must be space. The cost of a USB port can't be a great issue these days. Any well-informed reader is welcome to enlighten us.

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