Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New MacBook Air

I love my MacBook Air, it's a very impressive machine. And I think I heard the model is Apple's best-selling computer? Also impressive.
Anyway, just updated. Underlighted keyboard, "Thunderbolt" port (for storage and displays), faster chip... (and the "old" one is no slouch).
The only problem is choosing between an iPad and an Air. Well, if you have the coin you can just have both, but which one do you bring each time? Ah, life is hard!

For many years, I dreamed of Apple making a super-compact portable. For a while they came through with the 12-inch MacBook Pro, and I had that and liked it a lot, but then that disappeared and I cursed the air blue. But then a promising, but too-expensive and a bit slow prospect came with the original MacBook Air a couple of years ago. But now with the much cheaper, faster, and lighter 11- and 13-inch models, I think I can say Apple has truly delivered.

Some say I sound like a fanboy. So what? I don't see what's wrong with giving praise where praise is due. Should I be inventing flaws to sound impartial? Should I suppress my enthusiasm for excellent products to fit curmudgeons' views? I don't thiiink so, life is too short.

The Fabulous Transformation of Apple’s MacBook Air, article.

Recent benchmarks show that the new MBAs are as fast or faster than a 2010, 2.67 GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro. It’s now a machine to lust for by everyone.
As a result of all this, a Mac that was considered an expensive, limited business toy in 2008 has become a mainstream Mac, flying off the shelves in 2011. It’s been a remarkable transition.

... the article has some interesting observations about the Amazing Missing Optical Drive, et al.

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Eolake said...
"...MacBook Pro, and I had that and liked it a lot, but then that disappeared and I cursed the air blue."

Huh! I didn't even know that that happened! That was the one that I drooled over, when I was needing to make a purchase but was veered away from. :-( So 'Air' it is, now. Cool! Good to know! Glad you're enjoying! :-)