Friday, July 22, 2011

What's an ePub?

BBEdit 10 Improves UI, HTML Markup, and EPUB Editing, article.

Now, this article's subject is really too geeky for me. I figure if I don't mess with code, code won't mess with me. But one detail caught my attention:
[...] EPUB files, which are Zip-compressed collections of HTML and CSS files, along with a few other text-based support files and any necessary graphics and multimedia files.

I sure didn't know that. Interesting. So ePub is not really a new or separate ebook format, it's just web/HTML code tied together in a compressed bundle with formatting, graphics and such, to make  a book. Not a bad idea.

It's nice to know the basic definitions of things, and they are often ignored.
One day I was sitting in a small, mixed group of people, we was talking about painting, and I mentioned guache paint, and parenthetically threw in that this is simply opaque watercolor. One older guy was highly delighted to get this factoid, he'd been hearing the term slung about for decades, but nobody had ever defined it for him!

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