Monday, July 18, 2011

The Kindle 4 Will Be Released within 10 Weeks

The Kindle 4 Will Be Released within 10 Weeks, post.

It seems, fortunately, that Amazon will go the way I've been pushing for, for a long time: to keep developing the cheap black/white Kindle line with a Kindle 4, while making a new color tablet (Android) line, named differently, with many more capabilities, but focused on reading and on direct buying of the online content Amazon offers: ebooks, music, movies, etc. They are the only ones who can compete with Apple in such a strong eco-system of content, and if the tablet comes in at a good price, and I'm sure it will, it will be a very big hit, probably the only one for a couple of years to really push the iPad!

On the picture is the Kindle 3, or the "Kindle" as Amazon calls it, refusing to acknowledge any development apparently. I love that they finally realized that the frame has to be dark. And I love the size and weight. Only thing I don't like is the too-dark grey screen. (And OK, it could be faster yet, and the whole interface could be more nimble and intuitive.) I am hoping that in the next generation, the right areas are developed without sacrificing anything significant. The issue is that apparently e-ink is not ready yet to come closer to white, soooo I dunno.

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TC [Girl] said...

Will be interesting to see what they change.