Monday, July 18, 2011

Google reader device review

Google reader device review.

Apparently it is called an "iRiver Story HD". What sounds great is higher screen resolution. XGA (768 x 1024 pixels) on a six-inch screen is good*. But (I almost said "typically") then this is ruined by poor contrast at most font size settings.
Also it has only one font. I don't get it, these displays can show anything you can throw at them, why limit the "choice" to one font?  Different people have different eyes and different reading histories, some find greater readability with sans-serif fonts, some with serif fonts, and some (those with editing-experience) even with mono-width fonts (like Courier). Personally, my two favorite fonts for screen reading were designed for the purpose: Verdana (sans-serif) and Georgia (serif). (As you may know, "serifs" are the small lines which sit at the end of each line in the letters in Times, but not in Helvetica.) (The Kindle 3 has an unnamed serif font, and an unnamed sans-serif font. Better, but hardly a bonanza of choice.)

*My first monitor was an Apple 17-inch monitor in 1995. But due to a connection error (it was supposed to be connected through the keyboard), it could only display minimum rez, 480 x 640 pixels. I gleefully used that for half a year, and only found out when I upgraded the video RAM. I think after that it could show XGA like this ereader. Man, those must have been some rough pixels I was using for a while there!  But ignorance is bliss.

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