Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazon tablet hands-on

A Mr. Siegler claims he has had his mits on the upcoming Amazon Kindle Tablet.
It seems it will be called a "Kindle". I would'a thunk it would have been wiser to give it another name, to keep the importance of the e-ink Kindle (which I think Amazon will keep, anything else would be stupid given how many hard-core readers are married to the screen and simplicity). But then on the other hand, the "Kindle" name will emphasize that it's basically an e-book reader.

Like I'd thought, it will have a custom Amazon interface hiding the Android base. They want to make sure people don't stray too far from the Amazon Net Store, and they want to keep the brand burned on your forehead. It will run Android apps, but it won't have access to the regular Market, only to Amazon's Appstore. Still, I guess this still makes it a pretty flexible machine.

I fear that it'll only be sold to the US for a while. Everybody seems to have so much trouble getting any rights to stream video outside the US. But they may choose to sell one internationally, which has the video store disabled. (Probably you can watch normal web videos.)

I wonder how the screen resolution will be. I think that if it's not over 200 PPI, it'll soon be behind the times. But then Amazon has millions of customers who don't know and don't care about such stuff, they just want to buy and read their Kindle books, and even if it was made from cardboard, this thing is bound to sell well.

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