Thursday, September 15, 2011

Intel Chip Promises 24 Hour Use

Intel Chip Promises 24 Hour Use, article.
Intel unveiled a new chip architecture on Tuesday the company is calling Haswell that promises 24 hours of use on “Ultrabooks,”

An "ultrabook" is the new generic name for very slim and light notebooks, the market spearheaded by the Macbook Air. An ultrabook, unlike a Netbook, is not meant to be feature- and power-scraped, and netbooks have never, for some reason, been very slim. But then "ultrabooks" are not at all as cheap as netbooks, au contraire.

Considering how computer makers have struggled to push up battery life, and keep it up as laptops got more power and features, a jump up to 24 hours from what, four to six hours? must be considered very impressive, especially if it's just the chip doing it.

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