Friday, September 16, 2011

Microsoft Outlaws Flash on Touch-Interface IE 10

Microsoft Outlaws Flash on Touch-Interface IE 10, article.
Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it will ship two versions of Internet Explorer 10, one for traditional desktop use and another for “Metro,” the “touch-first” aspect of Windows 8 that is aimed at tablets and touch-interface PCs. The company has followed in Apple’s footsteps with this version by making it plug-in free, which means no Flash.

I guess this is a strong vote against iPad's Flash-less-ness being just a personal vendetta move on the part of Steve Jobs.
Steve said that we have yet to see Flash running well (fast and stable) on *any* phone or tablet, and from what I hear, this is still the case.

By the way, Bryan Chaffin wrote the article, and he's often funny...
To offer a remarkably mixed metaphor, Microsoft looked at the line Apple drew in the sand on the issue and decided that the grass was greener on the side where tablets don’t have Flash.


TC [Girl] said...

Just read this article, re: their IE 10 ad. :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Gawd, taht's lame.