Saturday, September 17, 2011

My interview on TKC

I'm excited to have been interviewed on one of my favorite podcast. If you want to hear it, go to this page on The Kindle Chronicles. (Here's the download link.)
Interview (Starts at 12:25)- Eolake Stobblehouse blogs about e-books and other creative endeavors from his perch in Lancashire, U.K. I spoke with him by Skype on September 12, 2011, and we cooked up some great ideas for Amazon on how they might design the new tablet in a way that includes a special procedure for entering that focused, nondistracted realm of Kindle reading, even on the bright-screen of the tablet.


TC [Girl] said...

Congratulations, Eo! Mr. Edgerly is a great Interviewer: he actually listens to the Interviewee! :-D And...his podcast overviews are really helpful, including links to what was covered in the episode; NICE! :-) I loved the background sounds of two of my favorite places to be in front of: the ocean and a fireplace! Lovely! I can remember being mesmerized by this image, from his oceanside abode. It would be a perfect image for a book cover! :-D The sunrise shot on Mr. Edgerly's recent birthday (Happy belated! :0) as well as September 10th's are really beautiful; one can understand why he would enjoy working from this very lovely place! :-)

I watched his August 22nd video re: his Kindle Review and found it very informative. I need to check out! lol! Great idea to look for Kindles there and Bravo, as well, to Mr. Edgerly for his and his friend's founding of! What a great idea!

I can see why you like The Kindle Chronicles so much, Eo! Thanks for sharing your interview with us! :-)

eolake said...

Thanks, TC.
Yes, TKC is a live connection to an America which foreigners don't often hear of: Pleasant places, educated people, and good books.

I once donated some to ebooksfortroops, and Len said some company are matching any donations, so that's nice.

I agree about the first photo (which I blogged once). Great light, and windows have a strong and positive symbolism.

I've just listened to this interview. When we made it, I felt a bit frantic about trying to hit the most interesting issues. But I think the result was good, I think we covered some interesting stuff.

Timo Lehtinen said...

I once donated some to ebooksfortroops ...

Why would you want to support agressors who have invaded a sovereign nation, killed tens of thousands of its people, poluted their soil with depleted uranium, and helped install a puppet government?

Clearly the troops are not taking the ebook donations as any kind of suggestion to stop their misdeeds. To quote from the website: "It is refreshing to know that there are people at home that do support what we do."

And what do they do? See here.

eolake said...

1: I don't believe most soldiers are evil. They represent a side of all of us.

2: I believe in the healing power of forgiveness.

3: I believe in the healing and building power of education and reading.

Timo Lehtinen said...

Whether a person is evil or not is a philosophical question and beside the point here. The fact is they are in this moment committing an act of agression.

Your reasoning would make sense if you were sending ebooks to veterans, say Vietnam veterans. But now you are essentially giving a nod to serial killers in the act. They interpret your support as an encouragement of what they are in the process of doing.

Funny thing that ebooks are being donated to the agressors, not to the victims (Afgans) who I'm sure could use them even more.

andrea sfiligoi said...

you are right, the ebooks should be donated to the Afghans. I'm sure the Afghans have a lot of ipads and kindles where they can read those ebooks.

Timo Lehtinen said...

I'm sure the Afghans have a lot of ipads and kindles where they can read those ebooks.

Probably not. But why not donate those too? I'd be happy to chip in, from what little I have.