Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amazon's Kindle Net bill

I'd assumed that Amazon had gotten a highly favorable deal with the cell phone internet providers, since they are able to give the connection away for free to anybody buying a Kindle.
However now I hear that the price is, or at least was for a long while: 17 cents per megabyte! That's not cheap! If somebody only uses his Kindle to download lots of free ebooks from Project Gutenberg or other places, including Amazon itself, and I'm sure there are quite many such people, then that's easily $20-30 every month on Amazon's bill for him alone, with nothing in return.
In short, that's a really gutsy gamble Amazon has taken there, with the free 3G. I wonder how it's going so far. (They are even more close-mouthed than Apple when it comes to sharing numbers.)

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