Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I felt up the iPad 2, so what...

I walked into a neighboring computer store today, just on the off-chance that they might have an iPad 2 around. Well, they had no stock on premises of course, but they did have a couple of demo models. And I must say, while this is still not at all a must-have upgrade if you have the first iPad, this thing feels good in the hand.

It's only a bit more than 100 grams lighter, but considerably slimmer, and for some odd reason the combination just makes it so much more comfortable to hold. Quite surprising. With iPad one, the weight is always there in the background when you hold it, and while admittedly I haven't yet used the i2 for any length of time, I feel sure that this is much, much less of an issue with it. It really feels great in the hand.
It also seems much smaller, even though the screen is the same size, and the body is only a couple of millimeters smaller in each dimension.

I've had a realization about why the iPad 2 is easier to hold (apart from weight/size): it's the flat back. The rounded back on iPad 1 makes it feel like your hand will slide off much easier. I don't know why Apple got the idea that those rounded backs (on older iPhones too) were a good idea, I never liked them much.

I'm faintly ticked off though: the store told me they had already delivered iPad 2s to customers. Me, I ordered mine within ten minutes after it got online on Apple's store, in the middle of the night, and I'm told delivery is likely to be in the last third of April! Grrrr!

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