Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Nook as tablet

Thanks to Steve and others for pointing to this WSJ article about making the $200 Nook Color into a real Android device. (By default it's just a glorified ebook reader which can't get app from the Android market.)
You may remember, it was the first thing I said when the Nook Color came out: "this is nice. I'll bet very soon there'll be a hack to let it become a real Android device."


Stephen A said...

Got one the day after they figured out how to root it in late December. Once you make the magic microSD card, the rest of the rooting process is trivial. I've also tried the honeycomb port which is impressive. Looking forward to trying the cyanogen firmware when I get a little time.

This is my primary everyday tablet which I use for several hours a day. I'm incredibly happy with it, the screen is perfect, the capacitive touchscreen is responsive, and wifi works well. It is picky on video formats, and you have to get used to the softkeys program, but otherwise it's awesome.
I'm told that the Cyanogen firmware even supports bluetooth which would be handy.

eolake said...

It can run Honeycomb, Android 3.0? Huh.