Sunday, March 27, 2011

"iPad Is Tops With Doctors"

The iPad Is Tops With Doctors, article and video.
“The number of times I've had patients say to me 'That's the first time I've understood my disease' — I mean, it happens all the time to me. To me, that’s validation as a doctor,” he said. [...]
Analysts at Chilmark Research estimate 22 percent of doctors in the U.S. were using iPads by the end of 2010. In February, four out of five doctors surveyed by health marketing company Aptilon said they planned to buy an iPad this year.

I had predicted that the iPad would work great for doctors, especially such as do rounds, but these numbers are amazing. That is an explosive rate of organic growth in adoption of any device in a serious market.

And if you stop and think about the number of professions where somebody has to be mobile and access or show data on his feet... That is huge.

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