Monday, March 28, 2011

A real Amazon tablet?

I feel sure Amazon must be working on a real tablet. They even have an appstore for Android now!*

And here's my thought: if it were me, I would give it a different moniker. Not "Kindle 4" or even "Super-Kindle". I'd give it a different name to not disaffect the very happy users of the millions of small Kindles with their grey paper screens. No reason to injure that market.

So they could call it, uh, Klample. Or Squadimple. Or Kimdsimpopple. Or Arnold. Or FireDragon. Or BigBrick. Or "Mr. Squid Goes To Hollywood". My point being, the name does not matter, so long as it's different and memorable. This way they can build a second market, of people who want Kindle books and also want color touch screens and Angry Avians Fighting Stout Farm Animals. I've no doubt this is a very big potential market.

*Maybe I'll try it next time. The general Android Market is not rooted for crapware.

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TC [Girl] said...

'Inspiration;' 'KINDLing;' 'RoBOOKIN' (Robots; books; Kindle combo :0)