Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Review: iPad 2 is not revolutionary, but it is great"

Review: iPad 2 is not revolutionary, but it is great, article.
After a week with the iPad 2, I’ve come to realize that Apple’s true revolutionary change has been conceptual. [...] while it certainly earned best-in-class honors as a reader, media player, and document-viewer, there was no need to limit one’s perceptions of the device. The iPad was, and is, truly an entire new class of computer. Many of you were around for the transition from text to graphical user interfaces. Some of you were even around when the world shifted from mainframes to personal computers. Well, congratulations: you’ve lived to see your third revolution in computing.

Those are big words, but I wouldn't dare challenge them. One can't yet point to a single obvious reason why the world couldn't live without iPad-like devices, but the very strong interest in it, both on a personal and a societal level, points to something big happening, like iron grains on a piece of paper points to a big magnet hidden underneath.

...with the Smart Cover accordioned and your fingers wrapped around what amounts to the rolled spine of the iPad “book,” you can sit or lie down and read comfortably forever. The Kindle is still a much lighter ebook reader ... but now it sure isn’t more comfortable to hold than the iPad.

Ahh! Finally somebody told me something which made me want to get that durn weird cover! I've been asking (check the archives) several times for something to make these devices more comfy to hold.

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